ASTGHIK POGHOSYAN // lead violin

ASTGHIK POGHOSYAN // lead violin

Born in 1993, Astghik Poghosyan started violin at the age of 5 years old. In 2009 she graduated from the Tchaikovsky Music School in Yerevan, Armenia. Right after graduation, she won a scholarship for continuing her undergraduate degree studies at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, with the renowned Chinese Professor ZhiNuo Ding. Astghik on numerous music festivals stages and music competitions through Europe and Asia, including Germany, Lithuania, China, Indonesia etc.

Her recent career highlights include artistic direction and performance at The Carnegie Hall, New York City for the annual gala concert of the Armenian General Benevolent Union.

Member of the Armenian Students Union of China, in 2005 Astghik is selected as a member of the executive committee of the Armenian Community of China. In collaboration with Chinahay, she organized and performed in numerous events such as Armenian Genocide 100-year Commemoration Day in Shanghai.

Since 2012 Astghik organizes” Turn on your heart” charity activities and concerts series, where with the students of SCM and other Chinese universities, she regularly plays concerts and organizes cultural activities for the kids and adults with autism and other physical disorders.

In 2013 Astghik becomes lead violin of the Shanghai based immersive art collective THE POLYMORPH EXTRA. One year later, Astghik is the recipient of the AGBU Performing Arts Fellowship, rewarding her post graduate studies at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music.

In 2016, Astghik is elected as the President of the Armenian Students Union in China and becomes a member of the Post Graduate Students Union of the SCO before being elected as Head of the International Students Union at Shanghai Conservatory of Music.

Currently, Astghik is a 3rd year Post Graduate student at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, majoring in the violin performance, where she studies with the famous violinist and professor Vera Wei-Ling Tsu.

Living far from her motherland, Astghik uses every opportunity to promote Armenian culture by regularly organizing Armenian theme concert series through Asia and becomes the permanent guest of the Chinese famous TV show “We are Family”, where she promotes, talks about and represents Armenian culture and traditions.

ANDREAS GÜNTHER // saxophones, flute, keyboards and composition

ANDREAS GÜNTHER // saxophones, flute, keyboards and composition

Andreas Guenther is a German piano, saxophone and flute player, composer and producer from Hamburg. After his music studies at the Bremen Conservatory for Arts from 2001 to 2006, Andreas performed with bands and projects in different styles of music around Europe and Asia.
Versatile composer and sound designer for motion pictures and videos, Andreas also produces his own music with different projects while mixing his musical talent to his illustrator skills creating drawings and graphic design artworks.
Andreas is the founder of several artistic projects such as Sonic Sisters, La petite Günther Band, Paperkillers, Transdimensional Space, Chad & the Cadillacs, o.trio, pergünth, Jane O’Brien, SauceEtJazz…

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QUENTIN PAQUIGNON // saxophones, composition, founder

QUENTIN PAQUIGNON // saxophones, composition, founder

Born in 1981, Quentin Paquignon starts at 8 years old to play saxophone. Few years later, Quentin Paquignon will be rewarded by:

  • First Prize of Saxophone (class of saxophone master: Georges Porte, French Republican Gard Orchestras Soloist)
  • Unanimous First Prize of Music Chamber from the Music, Dance and Drama National School of Créteil (FR)
  • First Prize of Saxophone Musical Contest of Picardie (FR)
  • First Prize of Léopold Bellan Music Chamber Contest, Paris (FR).

Quentin Paquignon continues his musical journey as saxophone soloist joining different symphonic, military and jazz big band orchestras such as: Orsay Symphonic Orchestra (FR), Symphonic Orchestra of Massy Opera House (FR), Military Firemen Orchestra of Paris (FR), Big Band Connexion, Blue Big Band, Govix Big Band, Bouglione Circus…

In 2001, Quentin Paquignon tours US and Caribbean Islands with Jeff Joseph Gramacks New Generation, while perfecting his improvisation skills with master Louis Sclavis.

Since 2005 in Shanghai, Quentin Paquignon’s musical versatility brought him to play with diverse bands and artists such as: JZ All Stars Big Band, Zhou BingQian Orchestra, Erik Truffaz Quartet, DJ Ben Huang, Gilles Peterson, DJ FKJ, DJ Maestro (Blue Note Records)… Paquignon performed on the most prestigious China stages : JZ Club Shanghai, House of Blues and Jazz (SH), Shanghai JZ Music Festival, Shanghai Oriental Center, Shanghai Mao Live House, Shanghai Grand Theatre, Shanghai Culture Square Theatre,  Hong Kong Theatre, Bar Rouge Shanghai, Unïco Shanghai, Jianghu Music Festival, eMidi Electronic Music Festival, Myth Festival Shanghai…

Reconnecting with his organizational skills developed in France for concert and music festival management, Quentin Paquignon co-organized Together Day Shanghai – a 2008 Sichuan Earthquake fundraising concert- before being in charge of JZ Music Festival stage management.

Insatiable cultural & artistic entrepreneur, Quentin Paquignon founded:

  • THE POLYMORPH EXTRA immersive multimedia art collective (2011)
  • NEXTDREAM Co. Ltd,  creative production agency (2014)
  • imrsv records™, UK registered immersive record label (2016)

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