LEONOR’S LULLABY, the new short animated musical movie by THE POLYMORPH EXTRA features the original illustration work of Chinese illustrator artist Ba Zai 李莉 and animator Bi Bo 毕波 in artistic collaboration with THE POLYMORPH EXTRA Music Dept. and 3D Sound Dept. 

Living in the well known artistic village of Caochangdi, near 798 in Beijing, BA ZAI closely collaborated with THE POLYMORPH EXTRA members to bring to life graphically the new world of LEONOR. 

The original music composed by THE POLYMORPH EXTRA was recorded in immersive environment by the musicians of THE POLYMORPH EXTRA at SOUND HUB Studios in Shanghai with Benjamin L’Hôtellier. Then Benjamin brought the tracks to the studios he owns and run with his French partner Greg Yu:  KERSOUND Studios in Shanghai to mix and master the beautiful original track. 

With the support of imrsv records™, LEONOR’S LULLABY short animated musical movie entered the immersive 3D Audio studio of the new POLYMORPH EXTRA technical partner : FULL DIMENSION in Shanghai.

During the spacial mix of the immersive recording, QUENTIN PAQUIGNON and BENJAMIN L’HOTELLIER would finally be able to experiment the wonderful potential of FULL DIMENSION 3D audio possibilities.