PALOMA BOUTELEUX was born curious about everything, called “big eyes” since her early days, she kept on looking at everything and everybody around her.

In Paris where she was born and raised, she enjoyed understanding the roots of such a deep and glamorous culture. PALOMA BOUTELEUX studied there, law and design, pragmatism goes very well with creativity.

In Spain where she has her heart, and family from her mother’s side, she understood passion, color and exuberance.

Then the Chinese love story started, finding so many similar things in a wonderfully different culture. Opened eyes she designs interiors, objects, clothes, imaginary landscapes.

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Born in Taiwan, Fu Hua grew up in Seattle. Fu is inspired by the freedom he found in jazz, that he has been exploring since he was fourteen years old. Years after Fu Hwa came to Shanghai and joined Ren Yu Qing on their  own jazz band,  later they found JZ Club. 

LI LINGXI 李翎溪 // Choreographer – Dancer

Li Lingxi was born in Harbin, China, in 1975. She graduated at the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Art College from Beijing in 1992, majoring in ballet and classical/ethnic Chinese dance. Upon graduation, she joined the 2nd Artillery Corps Troupe of the People’s Liberation Army of China and the Shanghai Song and Dance Company. Then Li Lingxi mastered ballet and modern dance’s composition, improvisation and choreography studies in Norway.

Since the beginning of her career, Li Lingxi has been always experimenting and exploring new ideas for the development of contemporary dance participating also to some important european modern dance festivals and often cooperating and collaborating with chinese and foreigner artists (dancers, musicians, calligraphers, painters, etc.) in many different and unique situations.

Li Lingxi performed with Jinxing Modern Dance Company (worldwide performances), Zhang Xian “The Red Chamber” (Amsterdam Dance Festival JULI DANS), Rubato Dance Company ( “Look at me, I am Chinese” performed at “DANSE AUGUST” FESTIVAL IN BERLIN, and “Milk  Bread, Rice & Water” -aka The “Unfamiliar Body”, Shanghai, Beijing, Berlin, ), Alta Ripa Symphony Orchestra in Germany (“Bach and the Chinese Dragon”) and collaborated with Czech choreographer Barbara Kryslova Greiner and French choreographer Philippe Talard, “The state of the world”, “Beyond Borders”. Li Lingxi had been commissioned by the Rome Dance College to teach Chinese dance.

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Margot Hamer has a background in fine art and has a broad range of experience in public relations, art direction and creative services in China and Europe. Having worked with a number of different fine artists and institutions, Margot has now turned to video media and videography; filming, editing and VeeJying live for various clients around China.

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Tina Blakeney is a video artist, VJ digital editor. Tina has been working throughout Australia and Asia for over the last 10 years, creating visual concepts solutions for corporate creative events and artistic shows.

Working within the corporate and creative industries for the last 7 years in China has enabled Tina to uniquely understand the international and Asian market. Tina has worked with many international and mainland companies including HSBC, Ballantine’s, Jameson’s, Siemens, Pernod Ricard, Hennessy VSOP, Guinness, La Prairie, Three on the Bund, Formula 1, Lancôme, Indigo Hotel, Urbn Hotel, Shanghai Fashion Week, Elle, H&M, Jue Festival, Goethe Institute and numerous creative events and commissions across China.

In 2012 Tina created Redscale Studios, an audio visual production company based in Shanghai specializing in video production, animation and visual design.

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DIANA HÜBEL // Actress

Diana’s career started after she finished her studies of International History and Chinese Language and after leaving Cologne, Germany to pursue singing and acting in Asia, America and Europe, traveling for 4 years, working for various corporate events and short movies.

Her chinese language and cultural skills led Diana to move to Shanghai, China to continue her career as an Actress and Singer.

In 2012, Diana landed the main role for the TV Series pilot titled “The Lane” and later on the leading role for her first movie “The Overseas Village”.

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XU WENXI // Violin II

Started playing violin at the age of 11. From 2007 to 2008 she played in the Kevin(Youth Philharmonic Orchestra). In 2009 she started her advanced studies at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. In2012 she started her bachelor studying in SCM. Xu Wenxi is currently a 2nd grade student at the Shanghai Conservatory Of Music.


Started playing violin when he was 6 years old at the music school of Wuhan.At 2011 he started studying in the Shanghai Conservatory of Music with a Professor Shen XiDi and changed instrument to Viola.
Now He is an orchestra member of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music Orchestra and Shanghai Oriental Symphonic Orchestra.He had performances in the most famous concert halls throughout China as China Central Music Hall,Shanghai Oriental Arts Center,Shanghai Concert Hall,Hangzhou Concert Hall,etc.
Currently he is a bachelor 3rd grade student of Shanghai Conservatory of Music.


Conductor: Christophe Gizyski

Composed of students from the LYCEE FRANCAIS DE SHANGHAI, the choir performs multiple shows in collaboration with artists in Shanghai. They already produced numerous of quality shows, bringing the children to touch artistic productions through the years.

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